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Weapons Books

Weapons BooksFrom the American Firepower series to German Machine Guns book, our weapons books illustrate the important small arms of the 20th Century with a wealth of rare photographs showing the gear in action.

Blitzkrieg Armor Books

Panzer OneBThis series of photo studies focuses on the armored vehicles of the pivotal Blitzkrieg era (1939 through 1941) that set the stage for armored warfare throughout World War II. There are more than 1,700 photos of German, French, British, Belgian, Polish and Soviet AFVs, a large percentage of which have never been published before.

Armored Vehicle Books

Armor BooksOur Armored Vehicle Books feature well-researched histories of the armored fighting vehicles of the 20th Century, including a book on German Armored Vehicles, a book on Flakpanzers and even a unique photo study of legendary General Erwin Rommel.

Aviation Books

AviationAviation Books by Armor Plate Press deliver unique photo studies on German and Japanese aircraft in World War II. Our popular Setting Suns series highlights captured and wrecked Japanese aircraft, while the Grounded Eagles series studies the aircraft of the Luftwaffe.

World War II Ordnance Illustrated

WWIIOIFrom small arms to artillery to armored vehicles, you’ll find them all pictured here. Created to satisfy the most discriminating weapons collector, historian or modeler, World War II Ordnance Illustrated delivers the high quality images that reveal the details behind the stories.

US Army Air Forces Photo Journal

US Army Air ForcesStrap in, start your engine, and take off into the skies! This one-of-a-kind magazine series covers the lesser-known aircraft (and their variants), along with the unique weapons, equipment and operations of the US Army Air Forces during World War II.

Tin Signs

Tin SignsOur metal signs are made from a sturdy, heavy-gauge metal and feature unique WWII content. Designed and manufactured in America, they make the perfect decoration for your home office, den, workshop or garage.

Catalog2014 Amor Plate Press Catalog

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