World War II Ordnance Illustrated Special Issue “APG 1946″

While Issue Seven is currently in the works and very close to being ready for print, so is another issue of our semi-regularly-produced magazine. Our very first “Special Issue” is a slightly expanded edition covering the incredible collection of captured Axis armored vehicles at Aberdeen Proving Grounds shortly after World War II. Some of these rare vehicles no longer exist at the Army Ordnance Museum, as some were scrapped, some were moved, and some were returned to Germany! I never quite understood that, fight a World War, bring home war trophies or intelligence finds or whatever, and then later give 50+ ton tanks back to their original owners. I’ll just let that one go before I say too much.

Our Special Issue “APG 1946” features a ton of great photos of AFVs at Aberdeen in the early post-war era, and even includes some period color images. We also have a very special guest editor on this issue, and I dare not reveal their name—at least, not right now. We’re excited to produce this Special Issue and we think you AFV enthusiasts out there will enjoy it. Look for the WWIIOI Special Issue Mark One to be available in about six weeks.

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