US Army Air Forces Photo Journal

Very soon we will debut the premier issue of US Army Air Forces Photo Journal. This magazine aims to provide our readers with a well-illustrated publication that covers the lesser-known aircraft (and their variants), along with the unique weapons, equipment and operations of the US Army Air Forces during World War II.

As with anything we produce at Armor Plate Press, this publication will focus on delivering high-quality photographs, and plenty of them, printed large enough that modelers, researchers, historians and enthusiasts can see the details. No one enjoys World War II era photos like your editor!

US Army Air Forces magazine

Like our sister publication World War II Ordnance Illustrated, this magazine does not yet have a set publishing schedule. For now, we will do our best to produce issues on roughly a quarterly basis. As things progress, we will be able to offer the publication for subscription in the future. Each issue will have a sponsor (the only advertisements appearing in the publication and residing on the inside front and inside back covers). Contact me here if you’d like more information about being a sponsor.

The premier issue will feature articles covering the P-400 variant of the P-39 Airacobra, the Air Force’s use of tube-launched (bazooka) rockets, the deadly B-25 gunships of the Pacific Theatre, and finally a photo essay showing the wrecks of Air Corps aircraft on the airfields of the Hawaiian and Philippine Islands after the initial Japanese attacks of December 1941. Among these images are a selection of never-before-seen photos (taken by the Japanese) of B-17, B-18, P-35 and P-40 wrecks, as well as Philippine Air Force aircraft  on Clark Field.

Stay tuned, and for more information contact me at

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