US Army Air Forces Photo Journal Issue 1 now available to order

Armor Plate Press is pleased to announce that the first issue of US Army Air Forces Photo Journal is now available to order on our web site. The premier issue features 48 pages packed with stories covering the following topics:

  • The P-400 export variant of the P-39 Airacobra, which although unloved and unused by the RAF who ordered it, was one of the key aircraft that was first in combat with American forces engaging the Japanese in their drive towards Australia in early 1942.
  • B-25 “gunships”, the field expedient brainchild of “Pappy Gunn”, that converted the Mitchell medium bomber into a devastating ground attack aircraft.  B-25 strafers eventually featured up to a dozen fixed forward firing .50 caliber guns (and some were equipped with a 75mm cannon).
  • Airborne “Bazookas”: The US Army Air Force equipped numerous aircraft with 4.5 inch tube-launched rockets.  We take a deep look at these rocket-firing aircraft and their weapons.
  • Days of Infamy: A startling set of photos that show the devastation wrought on Army Air Corps aircraft at their bases in the Hawaiian Islands and in the Philippines during the initial Japanese attacks of World War II.  Some of these images are published here for the very first time.
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