World War II Ordnance Illustrated Issue Eight

Working on Issue Eight and it is filled up with interesting articles and photos. Here’s a quick breakdown of the contents:

  • US Hand Grenades: including our aggressive “Sgt Rock”-style cover image!
  • The British Sten Gun SMG: cheap and ugly, but an effective little bullet squirter. Everything about this SMG seemed wrong to me, until I fired it. After the first burst, the Sten Gun became one of my favorite SMGs to shoot. I can’t really explain it, I just like it and can shoot the Sten well.
  • The German Sturmpanzer 43, or “Brummbar” as the Allies called it. This tough assault howitzer served on the Russian Front, in Italy and in Western Europe from 1943 onwards.
  • The Soviet DP-28 (Degtyarev infantry machine gun). Chambered in the Russian 7.62 x54mmR, this awkward-looking LMG had a long and distinguished war service record. Starting in the Spanish Civil War, the weapon served Communist forces in the Russo-Finnish Winter War, the Nomohan Incident, throughout World War II, during the Chinese Civil War, the Korean War, and during the Vietnam War.

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