Rest in peace: Wanda Laemlein

My mother, Wanda L. Laemlein, passed away on April 3rd. She was the matriarch of my extended family and she was a great mother to me and my four siblings. I am grateful to God that she died peacefully in her sleep. Mom was a great supporter of Armor Plate Press, and even though she cared not for the engines of war, she dutifully put up my calendars in her home and told everyone she knew about my books.
My mother lost her older brother Edwin during World War II. Big Ed Zajonczkowski was killed in action with the 101st Cavalry during April 1945. Her other brothers, Stan (90th Infantry Division) and Walt (14th Armored Division) both served and both were wounded. She patiently waited for my father (8th Infantry Division) to come home so they could be married. They were wed in 1946 and stayed together until my father died in November 2007. During the war years she and her sister Mary worked in a factory that produced gun turrets for B-24 bombers.
So, America has lost another member of the Greatest Generation. If you would, please join me in a prayer for all the mothers, wives, sweethearts and sisters that did so much to help us win World War II, and then went on to help us build the foundation of our society. If you are lucky enough to still have your Mom, give her a call and tell her that you love her, or stop by and give her a hug. It’s more than worth it.
“Thanks Mom for everything you did for me…and even though your baby-boy is nearly fifty, I still need your help as much as ever.”

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  1. Ron Puttee April 21, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    You have told me about you mom and your uncle in previous communications , very sorry to hear of her passing “mate”.
    We are inevitably joined at the hip as you know and always will while the closest people in our lives shared the experience of working and fighting for our eternal freedom. My father (who was in the Royal Navy (combined Operations) took your boys of the Big Red 1 into Omaha beach on D day. I miss him as you will miss Wanda and your father.
    We share that same bond of now being orphans, even as growm men and adults
    it is a strange feeling, and takes a while to dimminish, unlike your memories of them, they will never fade. .

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