WWII Ordnance Illustrated Issue 9 is here!

WWII Ordnance Illustrated Issue 9

Issue 9 has reached the battlefront fully equipped with the following articles: The Lee & Grant tanks in British service in North Africa; the Pak 97/38, a strangely effective marriage of the WWI-era French mle 1897 75mm cannon and the German Pak 38 carriage; the Jagdpanzer IV tank hunter; and finally US Springfield sniper rifles of World War Two. Also, new contributor David Goldovt-Ryzhenkov has done some fine research and presents “Animal Tamers: Fighting German tanks on the Eastern Front during 1944″. The usual fantastic photos illustrate the articles throughout, if I do say so myself, and I do. So there. Get your latest issue of WWII Ordnance Illustrated by clicking the order button below:

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