Blitzkrieg Armor Breakthrough!

Way back in 2008 the first two volumes of Blitzkrieg Armor appeared out of the mist. Now, almost five years later, the Blitzkrieg is back and this time in even greater force. Volumes three through six have their layouts complete, the photos collected, and the captions written. The last step is to put ink on paper and that will happen soon, within the next month. Volumes three through six are all larger than the first two, ranging from 142 pages up to 262 pages. That equals roughly 1,700 photos of German, French, British, Belgian, Polish and Soviet AFVs, anti-tank weapons and artillery of the Blitzkrieg era 1939-1941. Many rare and unique vehicles are covered in detail, and a large percentage of the images have never been published. Keep your eyes peeled, these books will be available for sale soon.

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