Armor Plate Press reprints the Recognition Handbook of German Armored & Tracked Vehicles

A few months back a dear friend presented me with a copy of the rare Recognition Handbook of German Armored & Tracked Vehicles produced by US Army Intelligence during April-May 1945. I was amazed by the incredible level of detailed information contained in this field guide, developed to help US Army officers correctly identify captured German AFVs at the end of the war in Europe. After scans were made of the internal pages, Mike Gerenser cleaned up the 68 year-old publication and upsized it to 8 1/2 x 11″ and we are now putting it on press. If all goes as planned this book will be available for the first time (since 1945) at the big AMPS show in Atlanta later this month, and then on this website shortly afterwards. A rare and unique look into what the Allies knew about German AFVs by the war’s end. Plus, it includes a special introduction by none other than Bill “Panzerwrecks” Auerbach!

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