Axis Shipping Attack Aircraft getting underway

Axis Shipping Attack AircraftAbout a year ago I picked up a copy of Peter C. Smith’s excellent book Ship Strike: The History of Air-to-Sea Weapon Systems (Airlife Publishing 1998). I’ve always found the subject of shipping attack aircraft and weapons to be fascinating, particularly the equipment of the Axis air forces, from the German Stukas and Hs 293 and Fritz X glide bombs, to the highly effective Italian torpedo bombers, to the myriad of Japanese shipping attack aircraft and tactics, culminating in the fearsome Kamikaze strikes. Mr. Smith’s book motivated me to search through my files and archive connections to see if I could come up with a book’s worth of good images on the subject. I was quite surprised with the amount and quality of images I found, and we’ve assembled them into Axis Shipping Attack Aircraft. This will be about a 60-page magazine format book (in the USAAF Photo Journal Specials Series), with photo sections covering German, Italian and Japanese shipping strike aircraft. The topic is unique and hard to find, and so are the photos! This book should be ready to order in about two months. Stay tuned for more details.

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