Browning .50 caliber machine gun signs in development

Developed along with the Thompson submachine gun sign, these new tin signs feature the mighty Browning .50 caliber machine gun. One graphic provides an “exploded” view of the famous M2 heavy barrel “fifty”, while the second shows the three types of .50 caliber MGs used by US forces in World War II: the M2 air-cooled infantry and vehicle MG, the M2 water-cooled anti-aircraft MG, and the AN/M2 aircraft MG.  John Browning’s incredible heavy machine gun has remained in US service, virtually unchanged since its debut in 1921. The power of the .50 caliber MG still dominates the battlefield.  Now you can own and display a piece of American firearms history with one or both of these attractive signs. The .50 caliber MG signs should be available to order by early October. Please hit me up at with any questions.

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