Japanese Tanks & Anti-tank Weapons of World War II

There have been far too few photo resources available to AFV historians, researchers and modelers that illustrate the Japanese Empire’s use of armored vehicles during World War II. I hope to change that with this new photo-study that looks like it will be about 300 pages in length and contain more than 600 images. The Japanese developed and fielded a surprising number of armored vehicles during the war and I have been collecting images of them for quite a few years, deciding its finally time to get busy and bring this book to completion. I can’t give you a specific publication date but I aim to have this book ready for sale by mid-2014. I think many of the images will be particularly useful for modelers seeking to develop interesting dioramas focused on the armored war in the Pacific. As usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail at lem@armorplatepress.com

Japanese Tanks Book

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