USAAF Photo Journal Issue Two ready to go to print!

US Army Air Forces Photo Journal

Wow Tom, do you mean to tell us that regular issue Two of USAAF Photo Journal magazine is almost ready to print?  That’s only like 18 months after regular issue One was published! Plus you published two “Special Issues” of the magazine in between as well. Slow down Mr. Editor… you’re going to hurt yourself!

OK, ok, so I have been a bit slow withthis issue. But I think you are going to like it, better late than never. I was able to find outstanding images of the featured aircraft (the Martin B-26 Marauder, the Douglas A-26 Invader, the Northrop P-61 Black Widow and the “Suicide Sally at Yontan Field” story), and dug up some interesting information throughout the articles. Plus, there’s a very interesting special surprise in this issue (in color and from a famous aviation artist, and that’s all I am gonna’ say)—so get ready to stop snickering over production timelines and get ready to enjoy this issue. And I promise to be much more timely with Issue Three. Bombs away!

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