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The Beute Panzers are here.

I produced two volumes of the Beute Panzers books. These are formatted much like the popular APG 1946 title, in the WWII Ordnance Illustrated Special Issue style. One volume contains the French & Belgian vehicles (and adaptations of the chassis) in German service, and the other contains American, British, Italian, Polish and Soviet vehicles. Lots […]

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New tin signs: M1911 pistol and a new M1 Garand sign

These signs are on their way. Unfortunately it always takes longer to have them produced and shipped than what I would like. I think the manufacturer doesn’t want to disappoint me when I inevitably ask “how long?”, so they project much faster production than they can actually deliver. Then, of course, we are all disappointed. […]

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Rest in peace: Wanda Laemlein

My mother, Wanda L. Laemlein, passed away on April 3rd. She was the matriarch of my extended family and she was a great mother to me and my four siblings. I am grateful to God that she died peacefully in her sleep. Mom was a great supporter of Armor Plate Press, and even though she […]

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Armor Plate Press 2012 Catalog

If you’d like to see all of what Armor Plate Press has to offer in just one easy to read file, download this PDF of our 2012 catalog. Everything is there—just waiting for you to order! Questions? E-mail me here at

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American Firepower books build-up

2012 will see several more American Firepower books in development and by the end of the summer, several more should be available. Here’s a quick look at what we have on tap: US Bolt Action Rifles, featuring the M1903 Springfield and the M1917 Enfield rifles is ready to go into layout. Bolt action rifle enthusiasts […]

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World War II Ordnance Illustrated Issue Eight

Working on Issue Eight and it is filled up with interesting articles and photos. Here’s a quick breakdown of the contents: US Hand Grenades: including our aggressive “Sgt Rock”-style cover image! The British Sten Gun SMG: cheap and ugly, but an effective little bullet squirter. Everything about this SMG seemed wrong to me, until I fired […]

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Attack of the Beute Panzers

We are putting the finishing touches on the Beute Panzers photo study. We’ve decided to format this similarly to the popular APG 1946 title we produced last year, so Beute Panzers will be two volumes (French & Belgian vehicles in one, and American, British, Italian, Polish and Soviet vehicles in the other). Price per volume […]

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M1911 Pistol tin sign in development

We’ve had such great response to our M1 Garand and M1 Carbine tin signs that we’ve been prompted to develop a sign for the ever-popular M1911 .45 caliber pistol (which, by the way, is also a new book title that you will be able to order very soon). Initial responses to the layout and design […]

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Customers vote: Garands and Carbines win in a landslide of tin signs!

What a crazy autumn it has been! Back when the editor-in-chief of the NRA magazine American Rifleman asked me if he could use the WWII ordnance artwork from my M1 Garand and M1 Carbine tin signs in the magazine, I was happy to provide it. Little did I know that this would touch off a […]

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American Firepower Updates

The “Small Arms of the Vietnam War” book is in very good shape. We have a number of talented and experienced advisors helping us on this project. Spring 2012 is an entirely possible release target date for this book. Other titles, like “US Bolt Action Rifles” and “Bazookas & Flamethrowers” are much requested and I […]

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