Armored Vehicle Books

Our Armored Vehicle Books feature unique photo studies and well-researched histories of the armored fighting vehicles of the 20th Century. Our current selection covers a broad range of topics and are designed to meet the needs of military historians, modelers, and collectors. Also be sure to check out a separate page on the Blitzkrieg Armor book series.


by Tom Laemlein While Germany is noted for the development of aggressive armored warfare tactics, the Wehrmacht was also obliged to develop ways to provide mobile anti-aircraft weapons to cover the advance of their far-ranging Panzers and Panzer Grenadiers. Beginning as early as 1940 specialized Flakpanzers were available in small numbers, and by 1944 Flakpanzers had grown into a full-fledged arm of the Panzerwaffe. This unique photo study shows all manner of German mobile flak vehicles, ranging from halftracks fitted with 20mm and 37mm AA guns, to the specially constructed AA tanks like the Mobelwagen and Wirbelwind of the later war years.

Through the Eyes of the FoxThrough the Eyes of the Fox

by Tom Laemlein A unique photo study that showcases Rommel’s photos of the Blitzkrieg in France, May-June 1940 and of operations with the Afrika Korps, February 1941-September 1942. Direct from the eye of the Desert Fox to these pages, this volume contains more than 200 images, many of them never before published, providing one of the largest, most in-depth visual studies of Rommel’s vehicles and troops ever created.

German Armored Vehicles of World War OneGerman Armored Vehicles of World War One

by Tom Laemlein German armored vehicles have been the favorite of enthusiasts for decades, but the very beginning of the Panzerwaffe has been given very little attention. This unique photo study shows German armored vehicles of the Great War, including the massive A7V. Also covered are various German armored cars, trucks and artillery vehicles, as well as the captured British MKIV tanks that made up the bulk of Germany’s WWI tank force. Plus, for the first time, German anti-tank weapons of the Great War are shown in detail.

German AFV Recognition HandbookGerman AFV Recognition Guide

A special Armor Plate Press reprint of the May 1945 US Army field guide and identification manual of German Armored and Tracked Vehicles. A unique look that compiles the sum total of Allied intelligence on German AFVs by the end of the war in Europe. Very complete with an incredible wealth of detail and technical data for researchers, modelers and WWII vehicle enthusiasts (providing both US and Metric weights and measures). Interesting photos, some rarely seen views with one photo for each vehicle. 200 pages, black and white, softcover with easy, “lay-flat” coil binding.

Gun Motor CarriagesGun Motor Carriages

by Jim Wagner A product of several years of research into US tank destroyer doctrine and combat operations, Jim Wagner has written a fine study that guides the reader through the nuances of tank destroyer development and deployment. This volume focuses on the M10 and M36 vehicles (with supporting information on the M18, M3 75mm GMC, and the Fargo) and features a wide selection of wartime photos supplemented by Mr. Wagner’s detail photos of restored vehicles in private collections. A must have for any serious student of Allied AFVs in World War II.