US Small Arms in World War II

US Small Arms in World War II covers the following:

  • Pistols and revolvers
  • Submachine guns: Thompson SMG, Reising SMG, M3 Grease Gun SMG and even the UD42 SMG
  • Rifles: M1 Carbine, M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield, M1 Garand Rifle, and the Johnson Rifle
  • Light machine guns: BAR, Johnson Light Machine Gun
  • The Browning .30 cal MGs (M1917 & M1919)
  • The Browning .50 cal MGs
  • Combat Shotguns

Update June 17, 2013:

A couple of years ago the folks at Osprey Publishing asked if I would create a photo study for them in a similar style to the books I produce for my own impression Armor Plate Press. We worked out the details and when Osprey agreed to have my faithful designer Mike Gerenser art direct the project we were all set. The end result was a very nice 240-page hardbound book that covers American small arms ranging from the M1911 .45 caliber pistol all the way up to the Browning .50 caliber machine gun. There are some great photos in this book, including the only clear photo ever published of a M1941 Johnson rifle in action with the US Marine Corps.

Recently I acquired a few of the last copies that Osprey had left in stock and I can offer these to my customers at a nice price (signed copies at $25 including shipping). If you have any questions, or want something specific in the inscription, feel free to e-mail me.

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