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Blitzkrieg Armor Volume III The Western Front

This book, along with Volume IV (Eastern Front) is going into the final stages of production. Sneak preview: this volume contains Belgian AFVs and anti-tank guns. Honestly, it really does. I can’t remember ever seeing so many photos of Belgian AFVs as I have in this book. Sneak preview II:  I am a big fan […]

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Blitzkrieg Armor: New Volumes are on the way

It has been awhile since Blitzkrieg Armor Volumes One and Two were released. But never fear, more are on their way, and soon (hopefully by the Holiday season). I have a wealth of photos of early World War II armored vehicles and artillery, and Volumes Three and Four will feature many never-before-published images (a number […]

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New books in bunches!

Setting Suns III. Grounded Eagles II. Flakpanzers. APG 1946. Just when you thought they’d never get here–they’ve landed! Its always the way, hurry up and wait. But when new books come to me, I become like a crazed dock worker, shuffling boxes around the office, packing up orders and in between banging out blog posts like this.

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New Book: Flakpanzers

Can I honestly say that a book, particularly one of my own making, actually “snuck up” on me? In this case, that is really what happened. I had been collecting up photos on this subject for some time, but it never really felt like the project was coming together. Then a number of photos came in a rush, and I worked with David Doyle and Heiner Duske (from Nuts & Bolts) and suddenly there was a photo study on Flakpanzers.

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Grounded Eagles II is almost here!

Long-awaited by many, including me! The book looks great with a large amount of rare late-war aircraft pictured. The book is 204 pages and contains about 350 photos. At almost the last minute I found a great color shot of a Me262 parked just off the autobahn and we decided to use that for the cover. I’ve included a few photos that didn’t make it into the book in this posting… and yes, I’m already working on Grounded Eagles III. I have no idea when GEIII will be done!

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Grounded Eagles II is now on press

The finishing touches to the layout are being handled and the book is going off to the printers. With all the photos I was able to collect, this volume has grown to be a 200-page book. I think you will find the sections containing photos of the German jets and rockets (including the Gotha Go229) to be particularly pleasing. I have also been able to add in several recognition diagrams and silhouettes originally featured in the US Army-Navy Journal of Recognition.

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Thompson SMG in German hands

I found this interesting image of a German soldier armed with a M1928 Thompson SMG on the Eastern Front during WWII. To me, it is not a “trophy photo” as he is not showing off the gun. Nor is it a casual battlefield pick-up, as he has the Tommy Gun slung over his shoulder.

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The Kaiser’s Arsenal

With the completion and success of our book The Yanks Are Coming! covering American infantry weapons in World War One, I began to wonder if I could develop a similar photo study about German infantry weapons of the same era. The short answer is: yes! As of today, this book is in development with nearly 600 photos already collected. There are some fantastic images in there too—including some great shots of German artillery ranging from trench mortars to railway artillery. The machine gun images are outstanding as well, along with some very interesting uniform/personal gear shots.

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Blitzkrieg Armor Volumes III and IV in the works

I have spent a great deal of time collecting up the images to prepare these books. Originally, I had planned on creating a single, “combined” volume that would cover both the Eastern and Western fronts of the Blitz era. That has now been revised as I have more than enough photos to cover both fronts in great detail, and so Armor Plate Press will produce two more volumes.

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German AFVs of World War One

This book was a bit of a surprise. I had long been interested in the German A7V tank, and I had collected a few photos of the vehicle over time. However, I never would have suspected that I could pull together an entire photo study on this topic. As so often happens, while I was researching another topic, I came across a treasure trove of images completely unrelated to what I was originally researching.

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