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Shopping cart suspended

The Armor Plate Press shopping cart is not functional at this time. We are working on a solution. Until then, you can still order available products in two ways: 1.  To order online using Paypal, please e-mail me here first.  Let me know what you would like to order, and I will e-mail you back […]

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No calendar production for 2015

After careful consideration and due to production costs and market conditions, we will not be producing our line of calendars this year. Hopefully conditions will improve and we can resume calendar production the following year. My apologies to those disappointed by this difficult decision (I am certainly one of those people who are disappointed). —Tom

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The M1 Does MY Talking

It will come as no surprise to you when I say that our 2nd Amendment rights are under attack, from our own “freely elected” government. To express my thoughts on this issue, I have created a new tin sign that leverages an iconic poster from the Second World War. The original headline remains intact. The […]

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USAAF Photo Journal Issue Two ready to go to print!

Wow Tom, do you mean to tell us that regular issue Two of USAAF Photo Journal magazine is almost ready to print?  That’s only like 18 months after regular issue One was published! Plus you published two “Special Issues” of the magazine in between as well. Slow down Mr. Editor… you’re going to hurt yourself! […]

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Armor Plate Press and Frontline General

I recently helped out Byron Collins of Collins Epic Wargames with some WWII footage to promote his new game release and its Kickstarter video. Byron produces a card-based game called Frontline General, a WWII infantry combat simulation for your physical desktop, not your computer. Armor Plate Press is also providing still images for the game and its packaging.  […]

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The 2014 Armor Plate Press catalog is available for download

Whenever I pull together the catalog for the coming year, it shows the aspirational quality of this little publishing company. Many times I don’t get to produce all the publications I work on and plan for during the course of the year. But the catalog also serves as a reminder of all the books, magazines, calendars and […]

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The Armor Plate Press calendars are almost here!

It’s hard to believe but we are almost ready to say goodbye to 2012. However, that means we get to say hello to the 2013 edition of the Jeep, Panzer, Luftwaffe, Sherman and American Firepower calendars. The calendars are at the printers and I will start shipping these orders by the middle of October. So […]

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Rest in peace: Wanda Laemlein

My mother, Wanda L. Laemlein, passed away on April 3rd. She was the matriarch of my extended family and she was a great mother to me and my four siblings. I am grateful to God that she died peacefully in her sleep. Mom was a great supporter of Armor Plate Press, and even though she […]

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Armor Plate Press 2012 Catalog

If you’d like to see all of what Armor Plate Press has to offer in just one easy to read file, download this PDF of our 2012 catalog. Everything is there—just waiting for you to order! Questions? E-mail me here at

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World War II Ordnance Illustrated Issue Eight

Working on Issue Eight and it is filled up with interesting articles and photos. Here’s a quick breakdown of the contents: US Hand Grenades: including our aggressive “Sgt Rock”-style cover image! The British Sten Gun SMG: cheap and ugly, but an effective little bullet squirter. Everything about this SMG seemed wrong to me, until I fired […]

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