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World War II Ordnance Illustrated Issue 7

Work is well underway for the next issue of WWII Ordnance Illustrated. This issue will feature articles filled with information and great photographs that cover the German Panzerfaust anti-tank weapon (including pages from the original field manual for the weapon), the Japanese Type 95 Light Tank, the Soviet IS-II Heavy Tank, and Thompson submachine gun field modifications. Also included will be Part Two of Chuck DeRoller’s article titled The Ghosts of Guadalcanal. Stay tuned as we will be posting more information about Issue 7 as we get closer to going to press.

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World War II Ordnance Illustrated Issue 6

Issue 6 is in and our readers have been very pleased. We dug in even deeper this time and put together a big article on U.S. flamethrowers in World War II. I’m very pleased with this piece as it gives our readers a look at a very important weapon that contributed a great deal to the final victory, particularly in the Pacific Theatre. Unfortunately there has been very little written about American flamethrowers, their development or use. I think we go some way to redress that situation. Jim Ballou also contributes a very unique and emotional piece on what it is like to use the M2 flame gun.

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