World War II Ordnance Illustrated

Introduced in early 2008, this publication is dedicated to the land-based weapons of World War II. This was the seminal conflict for weapons development, expanding on the concepts introduced in the First World War, and advancing weapons technology at an amazing rate. WWII Ordnance Illustrated brings together amazing photography and detailed articles that will satisfy the needs of the serious student of weapons systems and military history. If you are interested in the weapons of World War II, this is the magazine for you.

US Army Air Forces Photo Journal

Making its debut in July 2011, this magazine covers the lesser-known aircraft (and their variants), along with the unique weapons, equipment and operations of the US Army Air Forces during World War II. The focus of USAAF Photo Journal is plenty of high-quality photographs, printed large enough so that modelers, researchers, historians and enthusiasts can see the all details.