US Army Air Forces Photo Journal

US Army Air Forces Photo Journal covers the lesser-known aircraft (and their variants), along with the unique weapons, equipment and operations of the US Army Air Forces during World War II. As with anything we produce at Armor Plate Press, we focus on delivering high-quality photographs, and plenty of them, printed large enough that modelers, researchers, historians and enthusiasts can see the details. No one enjoys World War II era photos like your editor, and we do our best to bring you as many images as will fit into 60 pages!

Like our sister publication World War II Ordnance Illustrated, this magazine does not yet have a set publishing schedule. For now, we will do our best to produce issues on roughly a quarterly basis. As things progress, we will be able to offer the publication for subscription in the future. Each issue will have a sponsor (with these ads being the only advertisements appearing in the publication and residing on the inside front and inside back covers).

So strap in, start your engine, and take off into the skies of World War II with the US Army Air Forces Photo Journal. We dedicate this publication to the men and women who gave so much, including their very lives, to keep America free. God bless our veterans, and keep ’em flying!

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US Army Air Forces Photo Journal Issue 3

Issue III

Hot on the heels of Issue II, Issue III was just released in February 2014! The articles include:

  • Mustang A & The A-36 Invader: The USAAF’s Little Known Dive Bomber
  • B-17 Gun Positions: The Guns of the Flying Fortress
  • Douglas A-20 Havoc: Workhorse Attack Bomber
  • American Beaus: The Bristol Beaufighter in USAAF Service
  • Operation Gunn

US Army Air Forces Photo Journal Issue 2

Issue II

Published in February 2014, the second issue of USAAF Photo Journal features stories on the following topics:

  • The B-26 Marauder: The hot medium bomber that pounded the Axis on all fronts
  • The P-61 Black Widow: The USAAF’s deadly lady of the evening
  • Suicide Sally at Yontan: Japanese commandos’ desperate attack on USAAF bases on Okinawa
  • The A-26 Invader: This little known late-war attack aircraft was the shape of things to come

US Army Air Forces Photo Journal Issue 1Issue I

The premier issue stories cover several interesting topics:

  • The P-400 export variant of the P-39 Airacobra, which although unloved and unused by the RAF who ordered it, was one of the key aircraft that was first in combat with American forces engaging the Japanese in their drive towards Australia in early 1942.
  • B-25 gunships, the field expedient brainchild of Pappy Gunn, that converted the Mitchell medium bomber into a devastating ground attack aircraft. B-25 strafers eventually featured up to a dozen fixed forward firing .50 caliber guns (and some were equipped with a 75mm cannon).
  • Airborne Bazookas: The US Army Air Force equipped numerous aircraft with 4.5 inch tube-launched rockets. We take a deep look at these rocket-firing aircraft and their weapons.
  • Days of Infamy: A startling set of photos that show the devastation wrought on Army Air Corps aircraft at their bases in the Hawaiian Islands and in the Philippines during the initial Japanese attacks of World War II. Some of these images are published here for the very first time.